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Carlotta has become part of the team after successfully graduating from the Welsh Institute Of Chiropractic in July 2018, and she has since integrated her experience through further training in Western Acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society, and completing her post-graduate training with the Royal Chiropractic College.


She originally became passionate about chiropractic as members of her family found relief through chiropractic care, being able to appreciate the benefits of the treatments on those she loves. 

Determined to learn more about children’s care in the future, her goal for the future is to work with all age groups.


Furthermore, Carlotta particularly enjoys being part of a clinic with a variety of disciplines involved, being an opportunity to exchange opinions and knowledge.


Because of her artistic background, she has always loved theatre, graphic arts and music, which she enjoys in her spare time, involving her family and friends.

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