Over the lock down period we have put extensive work into the clinic not only cosmetically but also establishing the most thorough and in depth safe guarding and hygiene policies and procedures to ensure both the safety of staff and patients.


We continue to review the current guidelines regarding COVID 19 and local lockdowns daily. As it stands Caerphilly County is in local lockdown which means your travel should only be for essential reasons.


Attending Risca Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic is deemed a reasonable excuse for crossing lockdown areas and entering the borough as you will be attending a medical treatment whilst at the clinic. Although the guidelines allow this and our governing bodies advise us to continually review our risk assessments, we advise that if you are not comfortable or do not wish to attend at this time this is completely your choice.


Before attending clinic you will be screened with our extensive COVID screening questionnaire via email and we ask you to call the clinic if you are experiencing any signs of illness to rearrange your appointment at this time. We will now be displaying the NHS QR code for track and trace which we encourage all patients to scan when attending clinic. 

Making An Appointment

Booking an appointment is now back to normal at the clinic. You can either call us and speak to one of our lovely reception team, contact us via facebook or book online.



What to Expect When You Arrive

When you arrive at the clinic, we are encouraging patients to be punctual, but do not arrive early for your appointment, this is purely to avoid possible crossing of paths with patients who have been seen in the appointment before you. When you do arrive for your appointment, where possible, please wait in your vehicle outside until your appointment time. In the circumstances where you are unable to wait outside (i.e. you receive a lift via taxi, bus or otherwise) the reception will be open, but please be aware that social distancing is still in place. 


Upon arrival, sanitiser will be provided for you at the desk to sanitise your hands prior to your treatment. We ask that you try your best not to leave any valuables (Wallet, Phone, Keys etc.) on any surfaces within the clinic. To minimise risk of contamination of the clinic, plastic trays will be provided under your chair in the treatment room for you to place your belongings.


Due to current guidelines you we will also be in FULL PPE (This includes face masks, apron, gloves and eye wear/visors). We understand that this may be scary for some of you, however, please take comfort in the fact that this level of PPE has been advised by our associations and that we have taken every measure to ensure yours and our safety while being able to provide you with top quality care. 


Should I Wear A Mask?

For the time being we have made it an essential requirement for you to wear masks during your appointment. Please bring your own. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one at a small charge. Failure to wear a mask will result in no treatment being administered. This is to keep everyone as safe as possible at this current time. Face masks are mandatory when in clinic unless medically exempt.

What About Payments?

Although cash will be accepted, we are currently encouraging card and contactless payments preferably. This includes all forms of contactless payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay etc. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, however this again is mainly to protect and limit potential exposure to COVID-19.


Check out our infogram below explaining the procedures in its simplest form. 

If you are unsure on any of our guidelines or whether it is safe to attend clinic at this time, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can answer your queries. Our friendly reception staff and team are here to help you and keep you safe.


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